oregapet dental health mini treats - 200 g


OregaPet® Dental Health Treats with oil of oregano are a healthy snack that scour off plaque, freshen breath, and help to neutralize acids that contribute to tooth decay. Your dogs will love the taste, and you’ll love their breath! Mini treats are great for small, medium and large breeds.

OregaPet® is brought to you by Joy of the Mountains, a local BC family business known for their award-winning Wild Mediterranean Oil of Oregano, since 2001.


  • dental health packaged as a tasty treat
  • contains oregano oil to kill bad bacteria
  • helps get rid of plaque build up
  • neutralizes bacteria and acids that cause tooth decay and bad breath


  • whole wheat flour, brewer's yeast, flax seeds, rolied oats, canola oil preserved with mixed tocopherols and lecithin, alfafa, parsley flakes, sodium bicarbonate, chlorophyll
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