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first aid kit for dogs


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Have the ability and knowledge to provide emergency help for your pet with this First Aid kit. It comes with instructions and everything you’d need in a first-response situation. This extensive kit is great to bring with you when you are traveling with your dog.


  • kit organizes supplies into clear vinyl pockets for easy access
  • durable red fabric is highly visible

kit  contents: 

  • first aid manual (English & French)
  • 4 small gauze pads (2" x 2")
  • 4 medium gauze pads (3" x 3")
  • 4 large gauze pads (4" x 4")
  • PBT bandage roll
  • medical adhesive tape
  • stainless steel scissors
  • stainless steel tweezers
  • 2 pairs of medical gloves
  • 2 tongue depressors
  • silver emergency blanket
  • instant ice pack
  • cohesive bandage
  • triangle bandage
  • self-generating press flash light
  • whistle
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