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black sheep lemongrass & mint organic shampoo


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Lemongrass and Mint Shampoo before uses no chemicals or toxic substances and helps keep the bugs away. Essential oils help heal irritated skin from insect bites. It's a Castile soap made with certified organic ingredients.


  • shampoo helps keep bugs at bay
  • smells of a light mint patch with mild lemon scent
  • certified organic
  • made in Canada
  • 8oz bottle


  • coconut oil* - makes for a thoroughly cleansing soap
  • olive oil* - lends an incomparable gentlenss
  • sunflower oil* - lends an incomparable gentleness
  • shea butter* - for a soft coat
  • aloe vera* - for healthy skin
  • glycerin - is moisturizing
  • guar gum - a thickener
  • citric acid - a thickener and pH balancer
  • rosemary extract - a preservative
  • cedar essential oil* - antiseptic
  • cypress essential oil* - calming, anti-bacterial, beneficial for off-leash fun
  • eucalyptus essential oil* - anti-inflammatory, beneficial for off-leash fun
  • lemongrass essential oil* - calming, beneficial for off-leash fun
  • peppermint essential oil* - beneficial for off-leash fun


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