wilderness sampler treats


Wilderness sampler treats include: Beef Liver Jerky, Salmon & Sweet Potato Jerky and Wild Salmon Skin.

These Canadian dog treats are sure to be a hit with your dog! Hand crafted in Canada with low temperature renewable energy. Made from range fed (aka grass fed, free range) Beef Liver slowly dehydrated into the best treat your dog has ever tasted. Salmon & Sweet Potato is blended with herbs and spices. Salmon Skin is wild-caught and sun dried.


  • easy to break; thin slices
  • No GMO ingredients, no hormones, no antibiotics
  • made in Canada
  • 60g


  • salmon filet
  • salmon Skin
  • beef liver
  • sweet potato
  • cider vinegar
  • herbs and spices

Guaranteed analysis: Crude Protein 68%, Crude Fat 7%, Moisture 3%

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