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yappetizers cbd wild salmon oil


Yappetizers cbd salmon oil helps to settle mental and physical nerves, reduce pain and inflammation, and ease nausea while increasing appetite. 

Created specifically for the needs of dogs and cats, this supplement is safe to use daily and help's ease your pet's anxiety, especially in situations that are already stressful. It is also helpful for dogs with arthritis, as it reduces both inflammation and pain, as well as gastrointestinal problems, as it eases nausea and increases appetite. Senior dogs in particular, who often suffer from these conditions, can greatly benefit from this herbal supplement.

100% made in Canada.

  • full spectrum CBD oil with fractionated FDA wild salmon oil for pets
    used for:
    • pain/soreness
    • anxiety/stress
    • nausea/upset stomach
    • increasing appetite
    • reducing inflammation
    • nerve-wracking situations eg. travel, grooming, vet visits, thunder
    directions: Give daily or as needed via a dropper directly in mouth or mix into food. The recommended starting dosage is 0.2mg/lb so 2mg for a 10 lb dog etc. See how it affects your pet and increase/reduce dosage as needed.

    • 250 mg
    • 300 mg
    • 500 mg
    • 1000 mg

    production/extraction information: 

    • made in a state-of-the-art facility in Richmond, BC to ensure quality
    • extracted from top quality hemp strains using hydrocarbon extract (an all-natural process that does not use any additives or other ingredients)
    • one of the purest hemp derived isolates on the market
    • third party tested to ensure quality and potency
    • non-psycho-active with no potentially intoxicating effects
    • provides your dog or cat with calming and pain-relieving sensations
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