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covid-19 UPDATE, 2020

Dear customers of barking babies,

We are open!  We offer:

  • in store shopping with physical distancing, this means 3 families at a time or max 6 people
  • online orders with front door/curb-side pick up or worldwide delivery
  • dog grooming

We are temporarily working reduced days/hours. We'll do our best to get back to you with questions and ensure your orders reach you in a timely manner.
    Sorry, dog training & anesthesia-free teeth cleaning closed until further notice.

      Our current COVID-19 hours of operation:


      WEDNESDAY: 10AM - 5PM
      THURSDAY: 10AM - 5PM
      FRIDAY: 10AM - 5PM
      SATURDAY: 10AM - 5PM
      SUNDAY: 10AM - 5PM

      Note that these hours of operation can change at any notice

      To book for grooming:
      Please email: info@barkingbabies.com with your name, your dog's name and breed, if you have groomed with us before and include your phone number. We will contact you within 48 hours with the next availability. 

      We ask that if you enter barking babies:

      1. You’re not sick
      2. You haven’t been anywhere near anyone who’s sick (with or without COVID-19)
      3. You haven’t returned to Canada from another country (including the US) within the last month
      4. You use hand sanitizer/antiseptic wipes before you enter, apply a mask if you have one
      5. You follow physical distancing floor signs we've implemented in shop
      6. You remove all your dogs' belongings prior to drop off for grooming so to prevent cross contamination
      7. You pick up your dog immediately after we call for grooming to prevent cross contamination


      We use top VETERINARIAN sanitation for the grooming area. We also use rubbing alcohol on our POS and credit card machine after each transaction.

      Our top priority is not just to keep ourselves safe, but also YOU and your dogs. We want everyone to feel confident coming in to purchase or for grooming appointments. We don’t want anybody to feel uncomfortable or unsafe and the only way to do this is if we all respect the directives and follow the same protocols. Be kind to one another.
      We will continue to monitor and adapt as necessary to ensure everyone’s safety. Thank you for your cooperation!

      barking babies 🐾🧡