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The "tail" of barking babies™ begins in Japan.

While living abroad in Tokyo, the beautiful, unique, and utterly fashion-forward apparel and accessories available to fido fashionistas caught the eye of Nancy Jelenic and her Jack Russell Terrier, Quintin.

Moving back to Vancouver in 2004, it all started with: "where did you get that jacket for your dog?" After being asked numerous times, Nancy realized that there was a market for high-end dog fashion & accessories in Vancouver so she & her trusty JRT Quintin opened barking babies™ dog boutique, in tribute to the families who treated their dogs like children and wanted only the best for them!

In 2006, barking babies™ expanded from a 300 sq. ft. store to 1000 sq. ft. to provide the full dog lifestyle experience. barking babies™ has expanded their luxury product lines to also include high quality foods, treats and services.

Now barking babies™ offers these services:

  • grooming
  • boarding
  • puppy training
  • anesthesia-free teeth cleaning
  • nail dremeling
  • and has expanded their luxury products to include high quality foods

Quintin, JRT, Chief Executive Canine

The barking babies™ lifestyle shop caters to the happily obsessed dog owner, whose fur-faced baby deserves only the very best!

Our mission is simple: barking babies™ is a place where our dogs are our babies - a sentiment shared by our clientele from all over the world. We recognize the importance to a lifetime of health & happiness and continually strive to enhance dogs' lifestyles by offering the very best in food, fashion, accessories and exceptional dog services.

Video about our boutique!


the top dog team

Nancy Jelenic, Alpha Dog

Nancy became addicted to the world of haute canine couture while living abroad in Tokyo, Japan where she worked in advertising. Changing paths from advertising and marketing guru to the dog fashion business, Nancy considers her mission with the boutique a joy, not a job, to provide only the best for our beloved barking babies™. Nancy's two barking babies™ are her Yorkie Georgie Girl and rescued puppy mill three year vet, her Chihuahua Mr. Pickles.


Celeste McInnes, Top Dog
Boarding Manager, Sales Associate

Celeste brings her love of dogs to barking babies™ each and every day! When not helping out in the shop, Celeste is most likely dog boarding while their human family is away. Celeste understands that dogs are not just pets, but important family members and treats them as individuals with unique personalities and needs. She is a PAWfect addition to our barking babies™ team.

Kristy Brisette, Top Style Dog
Groomer, Boarding

A master groomer with over twenty years of experience to back her up, Kristy's talents with styling small dogs is an asset to barking babies™. Kristy specializes in Yorkshire Terrier, Pomeranians, Maltese and Toy Poodle grooming. She owns Spoild Rotten Yorkshire Terriers, and herself is a Pom and Yorkie Mommy.

VeronicaVeronica Quijas, Top Style Dog
Grooming Assistant

With over 11 years dog grooming in Mexico City, Veronica and her two besties Penny & Paris are a huge asset to the barking babies™ team! We love her enthusiasm and gentle demeanour. Her experience bathing, brushing, demmating and nail trimming, makes sure that all our barking babies™ have enjoyable spaw treatments.

crystalNatasha, Top Dog
Website Coordinator 

Natasha is committed to updating and maintaining  barking babies™ website. From content writing to uploading the latest products and doggie fashions, she always has her trusted dogs Coco and Caramel by her side to join in the fun.

aminaAmina Ayub, Top Dog
Business Development

Amina helps with the behind-the-scenes business aspect of barking babies™, Amina's passion for dogs can be shown through the amount of love and care she gives her two mini dachshunds, Mia & Patch, who visit our boutique regularly!

audreyAudrey Jones, Top Dog
Retail Sales Associate

Audrey brings years of customer service experience to barking babies™. Having worked for some of the biggest retail fashion brands, Audrey and her trusty sidekick Winston, make sure that your shopping experience at barking babies™ is enjoyable and memorable.



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