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Welcome to the barking babies™ spaw, the chicest one-stop shop for the hautest hounds in town! Our spaw menu covers grooming to anesthesia-free teeth cleaning, and the best doggie stylists on hand for muttastic grooming makeovers. Finish off your dog’s stay with shopping our carefully curated selection of doggie duds from around the world.

Our treatments rooms are located in the back of the boutique behind a secure glass door. It features a waiting doggie lounge complete with beds, and three additional gates for safety. Your pet's well-being, safety and comfort is our #1 priority 🐾

spaw entrance

waiting play area

triple gate system


We are certified in Pet First Aid by "Walks N'' Wags" Canada's longest standing first aid program.

dog grooming

From a bath and tidy to the full spa treatment, we'll tailor to your barking babies™ needs with the rrroyal treatment! We do not cage/kennel* but rather book our grooming sessions one furbaby at a time and provide a fun waiting area for drop-off and pick-up. We want your dog's experience to be fun and as stress-free as possible! *If your dog does not enjoy being with other dogs, please consider another grooming salon.

All of our shampoos, conditioners, and cleaning products are chemical free. Let us know in advance if you or your dog have any allergies or skin problems that require special treatment like our hypoallergenic or allergy skin shampoos and conditioners.

Our grooming facilities accommodate dogs up to 20 pounds.

grooming menu + pricing

Full groom includes:

  • full haircut
  • warm bath
  • warm towels
  • full blow dry
  • brush out
  • gland check (upon request)
  • nail trim
  • ear cleaning
  • bows for the girls
  • bandanas for the boys

Bath + tidy trim includes:

  • no body haircut, only sanitary & face/foot trim
  • warm bath
  • warm towels
  • full blow dry
  • brush out
  • gland check (upon request)
  • nail trim
  • ear cleaning
  • bows for the girls
  • bandanas for the boys

Bath + blow-dry:

  • warm bath
  • warm towels
  • full blow dry
  • brush out
  • bows for the girls
  • bandanas for the boys


  • full groom:
    small dog starts at $62
    , medium dog starts at $70, large job starts at $85
  • bath + tidy trim:
    small dog starts at $55, medium dog starts at $60, large job starts at $70
  • bath + blow-dry only:
    starts at $45
  • nail dremeling:
    $25 - $35 (Mondays only, must pre-book)
  • nail trim:
    $13 (complementary with groom)
  • puppy's 1st groom:
    $35 - $45 (for puppies under 14 weeks and does not include full haircut)

Add on teeth/body/coat services:

  • anal glands expressed $15
  • teeth brushing $15 (you get to keep the toothbrush)
  • hand-stripping $80/hour (includes bath)
  • *de-matting $1/minute (maximum 20 minutes)

Our grooming prices listed above are an estimate and depend on dog size, breed, type of style, condition of the coat and the behavior of your dog in our care. We charge $1/minute for de-matting* and you will be informed upon inspection of your dog if there are severe matts.

what are matts and de-matting?

Dogs groomed on a regular basis adjust and cooperate to the routine of brushing and bathing.  Dogs that are not groomed every 4 to 6 weeks may become matted.

Matting occurs from:

  • lack of grooming
  • coat overgrowth
  • not routinely being brushed
  • not being combed through prior to getting wet
  • stresses like moving, sickness and travel

When matting is severe and/or close to the skin the only humane way to remove the mats is to clip the coat off to the skin line. In some cases where the matting is not severe and only covers a small area, we can remove them by splitting, thinning and then brushing them out which we call de-matting. We charge $1 a minute to de-mat your dog which is added to your bill.

Matted coats are hard on our equipment and in most cases require two haircuts, the first to remove the matted coat prior to bathing and a second to even up the coat after bathing. We are not responsible for health conditions that may be revealed by removing a matted coat such as sores, hotspots, redness etc. You are required to sign a form if matts are severe.


  • Cancellations: please call at least 24 hours prior to your appointment to cancel or reschedule.
  • If an appointment is missed 2 times without a 24 hour notification, we will take a $50 deposit towards the groom. If again a no show, then we will no longer schedule an appointment.
  • If you arrive more than 15 minutes late to your scheduled appointment, we may not be able to perform your scheduled grooming services and you may need to reschedule your appointment so that we can stay on schedule with our other clients.
  • We ask that you pick up your dog within an hour and a half of our call. After that, late pick up is considered daycare that is billed an additional $15 per hour.
  • Should your dog display aggressive behaviour towards our groomers, we will make all attempts to finish grooming your pet with a muzzle. Should your dog bite and break the skin of any of our staff, a $25 fee will be added to your bill. If your dog continues to displays aggressive behaviour and our groomer is unable to complete your appointment, you may be charged a partial fee for the amount of time spent attempting to groom them. 

The safety of our staff, other dogs and your dog's well-being is our #1 priority 🐾

We offer grooming services every Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

to book grooming

Please call us at 604.647.bark (2275) or email.

non-anesthesia teeth cleaning

Good oral hygiene prevents plaque, calculus, and bacterial build-up that can be harmful to your dog's sensitive digestive system, heart and liver. Let our certified oral hygienists take your barking babies' teeth to sparkling clean heights for a longer, healthier life.

Did you know that periodontal disease is the most common disease that pets develop? 80 to 85% of dogs and cats have some degree of infection.

We get asked quite often - how does it work? First step there is an examination and consultation where the hygienist, Roz from Sparkle Bark, will perform a visual exam of the mouth, teeth and head. Any abnormalities will be charted on your dog's chart and discussed for appropriate treatment. Your dog will then be comfortably and safely positioned while being introduced to ultrasonic scaling procedure. Roz will proceed to thoroughly remove all tartar and plaque from all surfaces and then polishing to complete the cleaning. Polishing is to keep the teeth smooth and free from ridges where bacteria may surface again.

Roz, from Sparkle Bark, has years of experience working in the human dental field and for the past 11 years, has been focusing on our four-legged barking babies! Her full dental examination ensures there aren't any underlying issues to save your dog from further pain and discomfort. If there are, she'll be sure to suggest you send your doggie to the dentist, before coming back to us for a full cleaning!  

The cleaning is non-invasive and does not use anesthesia.


  • dental consultation without cleaning, $50 includes full dental chart
  • dental cleaning full treatment $175 - $250+ dependent on condition, behaviour, and how often teeth are cleaned
  • post-cleaning care information is provided at no charge
  • maintenance can be provided as well (after initial cleaning)

We offer teeth cleaning services every Monday.

to book teeth cleaning

Please call us at 604.647.bark (2275) or email.

nail dremel

Did you know that you should not to hear a dog when they walk? If you hear your dog's nails click it means that their nails are too long. When this happens it causes irregular walking, damages the tendons, and can lead to long term skeletal problems.

When you cut your dog's nails with a clipper, only the tips can be removed so as to not injure the dog. Dremeling allows us to grind the nails down right to the quick the quick, without any pain or discomfort.  The only way to recede the quick is through dremeling; as it grinds the nail down to around the quick, exposing it, therefore causing it to naturally recede.

Not only is dremeling the best method to get nails the shortest, but it also lasts longer than getting them trimmed. It is also a great option for dogs scared of nail clipping. The dremel is a nicer sound and Roz, our dremeling specialist, has a calm, friendly, energy that all dogs respond well to 🐾


before (left) and after (right) dremeling

We offer nail dremel services every Monday.

to book nail dremel

Please call us at 604.647.bark (2275) or email.

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