green juju just greens treats (1.75 oz)


Vegan, grain and gluten-free, dairy & egg-free, and made with no preservatives, colors, or artificial flavors make these treats ideal for dogs with allergies and sensitive tummies. 

All ingredients are 100% human grade, 100% USDA certified organic, and non-GMO.


  • raw freeze-dried to lock in nutrients
  • no animal protein. Excellent for dogs on a limited protein diet or single source protein diet (ie: dogs with kidney, liver issues, or allergies).
  • supports skin and coat health
  • supports healthy weight
  • pure, simple ingredients


  • organic zucchini, organic celery, organic kale, organic dandelion, organic coconut flour, organic parsley, organic nettles, organic ginger, organic tumeric

weight: 1.75 oz

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