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raw support - cleanse


raw support - cleanse is backordered but you can still order! We will ship as soon as it is back in stock and contact you with tracking.

Raw Support's Cleanse Internal Balance Para-Expel is the ultimate natural alternative for eliminating all parasites! 


  • round worm
  • tapeworms
  • hookworms
  • pinworms
  • blood fluke
  • intestinal parasites

The supplement contains 100% natural ingredients & is safe for dogs of all ages over 6 months, including mother's once she has given birth & even for her litter while she is nursing.

    size: 30 capsules

    dosage instruction: 

    • 7 days on
    • 7 days off
    • 7 days on


    • 1/2 capsule for kitties
    • 1 capsule for puppies or cats
    • 2 capsules for dogs up to 100 lbs
    • 3 capsules for dogs over 100 lbs


    • betel nut, polypros, mylittae, pumpkin seeds, garlic powder, wormwood, rhizome rhea, mint leaves, cloves, walnut & cellulose
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