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raw support - joint health glucosamine HCL


This is the ultimate supplement in cartilage rehabilitation and supporting your pup's overall joint health including cartilage loss, joint problems, and tissue damage.

This ground-breaking solution offers the following benefits:

  • Rebuilds & Repairs Cartilage: crafted from natural compounds found in cartilage, strategically designed to counteract the ongoing degradation of soft tissue between your pet's joints. It actively promotes the rebuilding and repair of cartilage for improved joint health
  • Reduces the Rate of Degradation: Glucosamine HCL Complex in liquid form features an exceptional 100% absorption rate. With each 5 ml serving delivering a potent 500 mg of Glucosamine HCL, this supplement effectively reduces the rate of degradation in your pet's joints, providing essential support for their overall joint health

    size: 250 ml/8.4fl. oz

    usage instructions

    • Form: Liquid
    • Administration: Easily incorporate the liquid formula into your pet's diet by mixing it with a small amount of warm water and stirring it into their food

    recommended dosage (per day):

    • 2 ml for 0-11 lbs
    • 4 ml for 12-22 lbs
    • 6 ml for 23-33 lbs
    • 8 ml for 34-44 lbs
    • 10 ml for 45-66 lbs
    • 12 ml for 67-88 lbs
    • 15 ml for 89-110 lbs
    • 18 ml for 111-132 lbs

    Add 1 tsp to each feeding for an increase of 8% protein & 4% fat.


    • glucosamine HCL, yucca, anise, MSM, 
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