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raw support - calm natural non-drowsy


Raw Support's Calm helps to settle mental and physical nerves and does not cause drowsiness. 

Created specifically for the needs of dogs over 6 months, this supplement is safe to use daily and help's ease your pet's anxiety, especially in situations that are already stressful.

100% made in Canada.

used for:
  • nervousness
  • travel
  • thunder storms
  • grooming

Key Benefits:

  • Soothes the Nervous System: formulated to settle both mental and physical nerves in pets without inducing drowsiness, ensuring a calm and composed demeanor
  • Tailored for Specific Situations: ideal for use in stressful situations like car rides, visits to the groomer, and during thunderstorms or fireworks - addresses your pet's anxieties effectively

directions: give up to twice daily via a dropper directly in mouth

recommended dosage:
  • 1/8 dropper for up to 20 lbs
  • 1/4 dropper for 21-40 lbs
  • 1/2 dropper for 41-60 lbs
  • 1 dropper for 61-120 lbs
  • skullcap, passion flower, chamomile, lecithin, vegetable glycerin based

size: 50 ml/1.7fl oz

Safety Assurance:

Raw Support® C+lm comes with a measuring spoon for precise dosage. It features a tamper-proof inner seal and outer wrap, ensuring added safety for your pet.

Ease your pet's anxiety with Raw Support Calm, a natural and effective solution designed to bring calmness to their everyday life.


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