rosie's brand venison dog treats


These thinly sliced venison treats are easy to break into tiny pieces and are a top seller in our boutique!

Lean and low in cholesterol, this protein is rich in B-vitamins and minerals that help support your pets skin, coat and heart health while promoting a healthy weight. Venison is also a novel protein, meaning it's a great option for pets with food sensitivities to common proteins. Give these treats a try and enjoy all the lasting health benefits!


  • 40 gram bag
  • locally made in Canada
  • single ingredient
  • all natural

dehydrated benefits:

  • long lasting and light weight
  • after the dehydration process, it is heated at a high temperature which eliminates any pathogens
  • pure and healthy snack

 guaranteed analysis:

Per 40g Bag: 

  • carbohydrates <0.04g
  • fat 3.24g
  • fibre <0.04g
  • moisture 2.48g
  • protein 45.36g
  • 148 calories
  • 659 KJ
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