true leaf dog dental spray

True Leaf Dental Spray is a quick and effective way to support your pup's oral health, through its combination of oregano with peppermint oil. Mediterranean oil of of oregano is a powerful essential oil that can delay the build-up of plaque, which leads to bad breath and the peppermint oil will gives minty, fresh breath for puppy kisses. When pressed for time, this dental spray can be used as an alternative to tooth brushing. 

size: 60 ml/2 fl oz

active ingredients per spray (1.5 ml):

  • mediterranean oregano oil (0.5%)
  • peppermint oil (0.01%)
inactive ingredients:
  • distilled water, lime extract, polysorbate 80


Shake well and spray directly on to teeth from the side of your pup's mouth once a day or at night so it can work while they sleep, allowing for the longest contact. No rinsing is required.

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